Interfaith Resources

The following are Interfaith Resources:


  1. Report:  A Mormon Makeover The Book: An effective evangelical witness hinges on understanding the new face of Latter-day Saints (Mouw).
  2. Shoot First Apologetics:  what a dead blue bird taught Walter Martin about defending the faith (Mouw).
  3. We Have Sinned Against You (Mouw)


How Can I Get Involved with Interfaith Projects?

1.      Intersem: Jewish, Catholic, Protestant dialogue retreat.  February 22nd – 23rd : visit the InterSem website: Intersem or contact Carrrie Graham @

2.      Chat at the Cat: discussion on interfaith events/groups @ Fuller – meeting on Feb. 17th @ 5:30 pm in the Catalyst.

3.      Interfaith Housegroup: (with Jews, Protestants, and Mormons) – contact Carrie Graham @ (space is limited).

4.      Mormon-Evangelical: interfaith discussions with Claremont Graduate University.  Contact: Cory Willson @

5.      Muslim-Christian Dialogue : – contact Jesse Wheeler at

A.     Islamic Studies Brown Bag Lunch:  fellowship, networking, meeting IS profs.

B.     New MA in Islamic Studies to be launched Fall 09

C.     Contact Jesse Wheeler, SIS Islamic Studies Coordinator for details, office in SIS Academic Advising, 2nd floor Payton 227/229

D.     “A Common Word” Evangelical Christian-Muslim dialogue

§         April 16th-19th, 2009.  There are 25 seats available for any observers, faculty, staff, or students, so sign up quickly to ensure a spot.

§         Sign up with Jesse or in the SIS academic advising office.

6.      Interfaith Dialogue: Class taught by Dr. McConnell & Dr. Mouw in Winter/Spring 2010. 

Sign up on the email list: to receive regular information about upcoming interfaith events.


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