Why Dialogue?

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Forum Title: Why Dialogue? Critical Reflections of Pioneers in Interfaith Dialogue

Event Summary: Interfaith dialogue sounds like a nice thing to get involved in, but what is it really for? Why might it be an integral part of all of our futures as Christians? Why should we care about it? How do we approach it? How is it transformative? President Mouw, Dean McConnell, several other faculty members, and students involved in dialogue invite you to explore these types of questions for a two-night forum on interfaith dialogue.

Forum 1:

  • Day/Time: Mon, Feb 9 (7-9) in Travis Auditorium
  • President Mouw Presents on the Why? and How of Dialogue
  • Panel Discussion – Mouw, Karkkainen, Butler, Student
  • Q&A

Forum 2:

  • Day/Time: Tues, Feb 10 (7-9) in Payton 101
  • Dean McConnell presents on Mission and Dialogue
  • Panel Discussion – McConnell, Woodberry, Reisacher, Student
  • Q&A

For questions about the event, please email orangesesame@gmail.com.

For additional resources, visit the Interfaith Resources page.